Vertigo (1958) Poster

Vertigo (1958)

Release Date : 28 May 1958

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Mystery , Romance , Thriller ,

Running Time : 2h 8min

Director : ,

Writer : Alec Coppel, Samuel A. Taylor,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Movie: Vertigo (1958) It so happens that John “Scottie” Ferguson retires from his job as a San Francisco detective after a terrible experience at a rooftop run. His vertigo and fear of heights lead to the death of a policeman and Scottie is left in a dilemma. Scottie decides to face and overcome his troubles, but there is no result and instead, his friend and ex-lover another terrible experience might be the solution.

Scottie agrees to carry on with the plan despite his emotional fears and struggles. On the first day, Scottie follows Madeleine from one place to another and she is totally unaware. On the next day, Scottie does the same and as Madeleine falls into some kind of struggle, Scottie jumps in to rescue her and from there, the two get to know each other.

These two meet up the next day and spend the day together. Their relationship blossoms and at this point, they all seem to have forgotten their struggles in life. But where will it end, since Gavin asked Scottie to follow his wife after being suspicious of her potential to commit suicide?