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Their Finest (2016) Poster

Their Finest (2016)

Release Date : 24 March 2017

Genre : Comedy , Drama , Romance ,

Running Time : 1h 57min

Director : Lone Scherfig,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Watch Their Finest (2016) Online Free in which during second world war, a group of film products sets on the development of a nationalistic movie about the Miracle of Dunkirk to encourage the British. The story goes back to an era of 1940s when the Blitz was on the peak. The movie shows the film production specifically that needs to encourage the besieged British civilization and boost their morale, eventually help them to win the war. Catrin needs money with her husband who fails to earn much from painting work. Soon she is sent to a coast to meet his sisters who help the soldiers during evacuation of Dunkirk.