The Lion King (1994) Poster

The Lion King (1994)

Release Date : 24 June 1994 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Animation , Adventure , Drama ,

Running Time : 1h 28min

Director : , ,

Writer : Irene Mecchi , Jonathan Roberts,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Just like humans, also the animal kingdom is filled with battles and a yearning for power. Deep down in Africa, a newborn son Simba is born and is to be the heir to the throne. He is presented by his father Mufasa to the other chiefs. He is the father’s pride and beloved. As Simba grows up, his father Mufasa shows him around the village and tells him of the responsibilities he will have to carry when he grows up.

Scar is the angry lion for the throne and when he makes a second attempt to kill Mufasa and his son, Mufasa dies while rescuing Simba. Scar then convinces Simba to flee since it had been his fault that his dad landed in a pit.

Stressed Simba flees and grows up with other friends who like him alot. Simba enjoys life with the new found family, but at the right time, fate intervenes and he must choose to leave them and go back to his kingdom which is now ruled by a cruel king. But is he fit to lead his people?