The Green Mile (1999) Poster

The Green Mile (1999)

Release Date : 10 December 1999 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Crime , Drama , Fantasy ,

Running Time : 3h 9min

Director : ,

Writer : Stephen King, Frank Darabont,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

In 1935, Paul is an officer at a certain Penitentiary where he meets one of the greatest challenges in his life. He is given the responsibility of guarding death row criminals, but he himself is not that good health wise. He has a severe bladder infection. Worst of all, he is a black guy known to have a mental problem.

Percy is one of the death row fellows, who is so cruel and abusive, whereas Arlen on the other hand is somehow a friendly fellow. Along with the other death row fellows, Paul is treated to one of the greatest experiences in his life. John Coffey is discovered with supernatural powers and he practices them on Paul. Paul gets healed from in bladder infection. John goes ahead to heal Melinda Moores a woman with a brain tumor, things become unbelievable when John resurrects Mr. Jingles. But there is someone who won’t escape; Percy is made to get obsessed with all the evil powers and afflictions. Though all that happens will John escape the charges that are leading him to his grave?