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The Departed (2006) Poster

The Departed (2006)

Release Date : 6 October 2006

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Crime , Drama , Thriller ,

Running Time : 2h 31min

Director : ,

Writer : William Monahan, Alan Mak,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

The Departed (2006): The missions of the two moles take us on a heartfelt adventure as they both fight to preserve their lives after being detected. mobster Frank and is now a mole for the police. On the other hand, Billy Costigan (Leonardo Dicaprio) is also recruited as a mole for the organized crime before graduating from the police academy. As he feels thrilled, he foregoes his studies and ends up in prison to for a higher credibility.

As they both perfectly fit into their roles as the moles, they enter into a triangle of an affair, power and recognition. A run up takes place where each of them gets to know that they are moles and this sets their feelings towards another on the different level. Though the two now hold grudges, they are always ready to help each other in case of any trouble.

But with one move, they are both discovered by the organization that they are moles. Each one’s identity must be disclosed and they are now going down as traitors. These men are cruel and monsters and are unwilling to let them go.