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Taxi Driver (1976) Poster

Taxi Driver (1976)

Release Date : 8 February 1976 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Crime , Drama ,

Running Time : 1h 53min

Director : ,

Writer : Paul Schrader,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

At the age of 26, Travis Bickle gets out of the US marine army in total respect. He is a humble guy and generally attractive. Now he has to make a new living and he decides to become a taxi driver in the New York City, filled with its own troubles and different ways of living. He decides to drive in the night due to his chronic insomnia and apart from driving his clients, he enjoys porn movies plus a diary that he walks around with.

Since Travis has a lot of time for himself, he ventures into watching over the town during the night and day, witnessing all types of crimes and prostitution in the night. In no time, he becomes interested in a politician and when they get to know each other, he takes her out to watch a porn movie and she becomes disgusted. She leaves never to talk to Travis again, despite Travis’ efforts.
Talking to another driver, Travis is encouraged to acquire a gun from a dealer and Travis now begins on a dangerous path in his life.