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Strip Club Massacre (2017) Poster

Strip Club Massacre (2017)

Release Date : 2 May 2017 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Horror , Thriller ,

Running Time : 1h 41min

Director : ,

Writer : Bob Clark, Bruce Kilroy,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

If she was chasing the wind, she already got the ideal way of paying for the wasted time. This dark horror and thriller movie unwraps some of the common possibilities in life entailing around a young female Megan.

If it is true entertainment, here it is with the fact that this movie is one hell of a horror. Much as she is young with a job and absolutely can do without the boyfriend, she decides to leave her job and the boyfriend and set out to live with her friend who is married.

Unfortunately, her friend is married to a manager of a strip club that is actually a booming business in the town. It is not not long that Megan earns herself a job of a waitress at a strip club and as time passes, she realizes that she is missing out on something.

She believes she can do a lot more than being a waitress and it is not long enough that she starts stripping dancing. As she manages her new title, the reality of her new role is disclosed. She gets to suffer at the hands of the club owner and a cruel stripper who abuse her invasively. It reaches a time when Megan can’t help herself and she later decides to take action.

Things turn awful when Megan sets her eyes on every single person who has ever ill treated her. She is now more dangerous than she actually appears and the club runs into a nightmare

The Strip Club Massacre is in production and it consists of attractive female and male actors who include; Alicia Watson, Mark Law, Erin Brown, and Courtney Riggs among others

As directed by Bob Clark, Strip Club Massacre is currently one of the most anticipated horror films of 2017. It entangles the cruelty of and the mishappenings of a young lady who reluctantly made her own decisions

Alicia Watson is such as nonsense girl and she portrays her character to the fullest. It could have been hard for her to build such muscles for this particular horror, but the statement is clear and loud ‘she is at the top of the game’. Fuelling power with Erin Brown, the pair is unmatchable alongside Courtney. The jawbreaking thriller is a mixture of laughter, sorrow and letting the garbage out of the box. Completely sizzling