Princess Mononoke (1997) Poster

Princess Mononoke (1997)

Release Date : 12 July 1997 (Japan)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Animation , Adventure , Fantasy ,

Running Time : 2h 14min

Director : ,

Writer : Neil Gaiman,

Countries : (Japan) ,

Movie Info

Movie: Princess Mononoke (1997) An Emishi village is attacked by a demon and the last Emishi prince Ashitaka stands up against it before it reaches the village and kills it during a severe battle. Though he manages to kill it, he won’t survive its curse as it affects his hand. The curse eventually gives him power, but this power will later on claim his life.

A wise woman then tells Ashitaka about a solution he would get from the Western lands where Nago came from, but he must not return to the village.

Ashitaka sets out to look for a cure that would spare his life and as he moves on, he meets a wandering monk (Jiko-bo), who tells him that he will find help from the Great Forest Spirit, a Kirin-like creature during the day and a giant Nightwalker during the night. As Ashitaka seeks for a cure in the Great Forest Spirit, he faces a great challenge that involves humans, wolves, gods, and all sorts of evil powers in the forest. We are left to question of his survival