Past Life (2016) Poster

Past Life (2016)

Release Date : 2 June 2017

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Drama ,

Running Time : 1h 49min

Director : ,

Writer : Avi Nesher,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

A captivating film like “Past Life” directed and written by Avi Nesher (Wonders) can’t be missed. The film, based on a true story takes us back to 1977 after the World War II a period that was characterized by distress and hardships. Past Life is centered around a family, but most especially on two sisters in the environment where they struggle to attain the best in life. Following the time where a man and a woman had different roles to play, Sephi Milch is a very determined and talented young woman who aspires to a career as a classical composer but knows that the odds are against her. In spite of this, she is dead set on changing the course of history and succeeding in the male-dominated classical music world.  Nana Milch, Sephi’s older sister, and a rival is an aspiring playwright and a scandal sheet journalist who considers the sudden revelation as an opportunity to free herself from her family. Things are generally bad.

The story of Past Life was narrated to Avi Nesher by Nelly Nagar after which director Avi was compelled to put it into a script. It has an odd narrative structure simply because it had to be kept really like the original story. Past Life stars Nelly Nagar, Joy Rieger, Doron Tavory, Tom Avni, Muli Shulman, Evgenia Dodina, and Rafael Stachowiak. It is to be released in four languages, namely; English, German, Hebrew, and Polish. It looks like Avi Nesher is taken up in casting comedians and this time round he brings Muli Shulman

This drama movie will hit the theaters on 2 June 2017