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Modern Times (1936) Poster

Modern Times (1936)

Release Date : 25 February 1936 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Comedy , Drama , Family ,

Running Time : 1h 27min

Director : ,

Writer : Charles Chaplin,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Movie: Modern Times (1936) watch online for free which is a drama movie from Charles Chaplin, Modern Times tells a story of a man employed in a factory. It is a large factory with a big assembly line. The man is selected to participate in an experiment which involves an automatic feeding machine where he destroys the machine and many things go wrong. His boss is made to believe that the man might be mad and needs mental care.

When he comes back, he is jobless and as he roams around, he is mistakenly arrested to have an involvement in the communist demonstrations. In the jail, he ingests smuggled cocaine, calling it salt. In this condition, he tries to be put back into his cell and as he plays around, he mistakenly hits another prisoner when he stumbles on a jailbreak.

This amazes other prisoners to calling him a hero, which helps him move out of the prison. When he gets out, he applies for a certain job, but he is terminated when he causes an accident. Later on, he meets an orphaned girl who is wanted by the police for stealing bread