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Logan (2017)

Release Date : 3 March 2017

Actors : , , , ,

Genre : Action , Sci-Fi ,

Running Time :

Director : ,

Writer : Michael Green, Scott Frank,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Watch ‘Logan‘ online another Hugh Jackman Sci-Fi directed by James Mangold Full movie Logan (2017) story is written by Michael Green and Scott Frank releasing on this 3 March 2017 (USA). In the time to come in 2024, Logan with Professor Charles Xavier have to deal with X-Men loss during a damage caused by Nathaniel Essex to the entire World.

Logan has special healing power that decreases gradually when Xavier’s Alzheimer forces to fade his memory away. Logan should fight with Nathaniel Essex with the help of a lady Laura Kinney who belongs to Wolverine. So, soon after the disappearance of X Men, when the last mutants are threatened by Reavers, Logan with the help of Charles Xavier protects a young girl who is found by sinister forces and is going to be killed soon.