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Kidnap (2017) Poster

Kidnap (2017)

Release Date : 2 December 2016

Genre : Action , Drama , Mystery ,

Running Time : 1h 55min

Director : Luis Prieto,

Countries : USA ,

Movie Info

Watch Kidnap (2017) online free, That is full of Action directed by Luis Prieto and as well as written by Knate Lee. Karla McCoy is a single mother who is having a peaceful life with her young son called Frankie. A time comes when she as soon as enters a local park, she discovers he son immediately taken out by a kidnapper. She sets on a mission to save Frankie and ask people in the city around to save her son. She goes through several ups and downs to find her son in the city who was kidnapped at the park when they enter in the park near their house. She is totally trembled with the incident and prepares for the hard mission.

She chases the car in rush and screams a lot creating the terrible views. She reports at police station about her missing kid. She sees the notice board that is full of missing kids. She whispers while thinking about their parents. But she is not ready to wait for her abducted
son. She haphazardly drives across the town, hits the things and screams. Becoming a badass mother, she makes every possible effort to find her kid by now. She leaps
into the car and catches the kidnapper.