Gravity (2013) Poster

Gravity (2013)

Release Date : 4 October 2013 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Adventure , Drama , Sci-Fi ,

Running Time : 1h 31min

Director : ,

Writer : Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Movie: Gravity (2013) Watch online in which Dr. Ryan Stone, a biomedical engineer, is aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Explorer on her first space mission along with Veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski who is commanding his final expedition. Russian missile strike on an unused satellite which has caused a chain reaction, heading straight towards them. They’re ordered to abort the mission and return to the shuttle, shortly after which they lose communication with the Mission Control.

High speed debris strikes the Shuttle which detaches Stone throwing her far into the spaces and damages the ship catastrophically killing the rest of the crew. Kowalski recovers Stone using a Manned Maneuvering Unit.
Kowalski decides to reach the International Space and use the Soyuz module to travel to the nearby Chinese space station and return safely to earth. Stone’s leg gets entangled in the Soyuz’s parachute cords and she grabs a strap on Kowalski’s suit. It soon becomes clear that the cords will not support them both and despite Stone’s protests, Kowalski detaches himself to save her, and she is pulled back towards the ISS while Kowalski floats away to certain death. Stone enters the space station to find her way home.