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Das Boot (1981) Poster

Das Boot (1981)

Release Date : 10 February 1982 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Adventure , Drama , Thriller ,

Running Time : 2h 29min

Director : ,

Writer : Lothar G. Buchheim,

Countries : USA ,

Movie Info

Moive: Das Boot (1981) Wolfgang Petersen as the director and writer, “Das Boot” takes us back to the period of World War II (1941) where Lt Werner has been assigned to a serious call on the German submarine U-96. From there, get meets the ship’s captain, engineer, and a funny crew. Lt Werner is given a tour on the boat and the surrounding areas of the waters and recognizes the difference between the crew, leaders and the people at a harbor called La Rochelle.

After that, they are left with nothing to do and completely bored. After some days, they see an enemy convoy and they are happy, but they locate a British destroyer. The captain tries to sink it, but it causes a slight damage during the process and they are still putting up with the storm.

After a few weeks, the storm ends, and two ships sink as they still hold on, they are recognized and have to dive into the waters below the submarine’s rated limit. The enemy is still at large on the surface yet they are below him. They are filled with panic and must decide whether to come up or die in the waters