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City Lights (1931) Poster

City Lights (1931)

Release Date : 7 March 1931 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Comedy , Drama , Romance ,

Running Time : 1h 27min

Director : ,

Writer : Charles Chaplin,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Charlie Chaplin stars as “The Tramp” who on an important day escapes people’s wrath when he is caught dozing in public. He runs off, but there are these small kids who taunt him for being shabby and all that.

As he runs off, he encounters a young beautiful flower girl besides a flower shop at the street corner. As he buys flowers, he gets to know that the girl is blind and likewise the girl mistakes the Tramp to be a rich guy. Later on that same day, the Tramp saves a millionaire from committing suicide while he is drunk and escorts him to his home where they have a chat. He leaves and in the next morning, the Tramp returned to the rich man’s home only to be humiliated since the rich man remembers nothing. The Tramp goes to check on the flower girl at the street corner but doesn’t find her there only to go to her home and hears that the girl is completely ill and needs a surgery to work on her eyes.