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City of God (2002)

Release Date : 13 February 2004 (USA)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Crime , Drama ,

Running Time : 2h 10min

Director : , ,

Writer : Paulo Lins, Braulio Mantovani,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

As a gang chases their chicken meant for a meal, it so happens that their chicken escapes into an area called Cidade de Deus (City of God). It is eventually cut off and stops in between the gang and a young man called Rocket. This takes back to the 1960s,

There is a group made of three young boys; Clipper, Shaggy, and Goose who is a brother to Rocket, who rob rich business owners and share their loot with the citizens and in return, they are protected. On one occasion, they are left badly wounded and separate into different directions

Now during the 1970s, the city has developed and many things to have improved. We get to see Rocket who has joined a certain group apart from enjoying photographing. He also gets to fall in love with a certain girl. Though the city seems to have transformed, we are brought to a new group led by Benny and Li’l Dice who was once associated with the former group. The group deals in drugs and from there, we begin a war between Rocket and Li’l Dice