Boyhood (2014) Poster

Boyhood (2014)

Release Date : 15 August 2014

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Drama ,

Running Time : 2h 45min

Director : ,

Writer : Richard Linklater,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

His family is cracking and they separate after a few years. In 2002, Olivia, now a single mother tries to make a new start by settling in Huston. She has an ambition of completing her degree in order to get a better job. She then joins the Huston University, where she starts hooking up with a professor (Bill).

Mason always sees his mom and the professor hang out and do all sorts of things. It is not long enough that the two get married uniting them with Bill’s children also from a former relationship. They favorably cooperate, but it is not long enough that another abusive side of Bill explodes.

Mason watches numerous struggles at home, including Samantha’s boyfriend and their epic love. Their mother tries to file for divorce and later moves them to San Marcos. Mason is now at a stage of gaining interest in girls but is suffering from more humiliations.

He gets a girlfriend Sheena but eventually breakup. From his childhood until his teenage life, he is silently tortured from all angles of his life. Ellar Coltrane stars as Mason.