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American Beauty (1999) Poster

American Beauty (1999)

Release Date : 1 October 1999

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Drama , Romance ,

Running Time : 2h 2min

Director : ,

Writer : Alan Ball,

Countries : (USA) ,

Movie Info

Movie: American Beauty (1999) Watch online For free When a man named Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) who completely has a different definition of life despite the hurricanes in his life. Just 1 year back, months back, and days back, he didn’t know that his life is coming to an end.

He is working at a company as an advertiser whereas his wife Carolyn Burnham (Annette Bening) who grows flowers in the backyard is a broker for real estate projects. She loves her job and wants to advance in it with the help of Buddy Kane, the master of real estate businesses.

Lester and Carolyn no longer recognize themselves as a married couple yet fear to file for divorce due to the complications. They have a daughter named Janie who is a high school student, but also has her own individual issues. She is trying to join her parents, but all in vain.

Things become worse when a woman (Angela) comes amid the family and wants Lester. On one fateful day, they end up in bed, but before they have sex, there is a confession that Angela has to make and ends up running to the bathroom. As Lester stays on the bed, a shot is fired at him and his life ends there.