Aliens (1986) Poster

Aliens (1986)

Release Date : 29 August 1986 (UK)

Actors : , , ,

Genre : Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi ,

Running Time : 2h 17min

Director : ,

Writer : David Giler, James Cameron,

Countries : (UK) ,

Movie Info

Having faced the worst events in her life, Ellen Ripley is still in stasis 57 years later, after all her crew members died in the hands of the Aliens. When she managed to spread her stories about the Alien attacks, many are still doubting her claims and are unwilling to cooperate with her.

Hadley is the middleman sending any important information back to those on earth. When contact is lost between the officials on earth and Hadley, Ripley is approached and requested to join the crew team that is heading to the space to find where the problem lies.

Ripley rejects the call and later accepts after being disturbed by the recurring nightmares of the Alien and the events that occurred years back, but she requests Burke to kill the Xenomorphs rather than seizing it

Along with the crew, Ripley travels to the space and they are a bit confused on what they first see. They find that there might have been an alien invasion of the colony, but there are no signs of struggle. This then marks Ripley’s second catastrophe